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MLSAreaComplex/SubdivisionAddressBedsBathsSq FtListing PriceListing Date
1002932Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge115 Alhambra Place47 6,702 $4,295,000 05/26/21
1003210Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge220 Casteel Ridge68 24,589 $5,900,000 06/30/21
1003247Cordillera The SummitCordillera F34 - Sum Jacksons Pt G Dust86 Jacksons Path57 8,285 $4,995,000 07/02/21
1003319Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge200 Casteel Ridge711 10,216 $6,950,000 07/12/21
1003522Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F8 - Fall Crk31 Fall Creek Road56 4,325 $3,795,000 08/07/21
1003651Cordillera The RanchCordillera F17 - Red Draw 2 Hld Aspens218 Peregrine Drive55 6,391 $3,450,000 08/25/21
1003778Cordillera The SummitCordillera F36-golden Bear Mdws123 Pine Marten Way57 7,803 $4,295,000 09/13/21
1003840Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge245 Casteel Ridge58 8,069 $6,400,000 09/23/21


MLSAreaComplex/SubdivisionAddressBedsBathsSq FtList DateList PriceSold PriceSold Price/Sq FtSold Date
1000403Cordillera The DivideCordillera F4 - Mirador Ridge251 Granada Hill589,5472020-07-03$2,995,000$2,700,000$282.812021-01-25
1000248Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F1614 Beard Creek Trail566,2932020-06-23$3,950,000$3,750,000$595.902021-01-29
1001750Cordillera The SummitCordillera F26 - Settlers Park56 Lucksinger Lane464,3732020-12-07$2,195,000$2,190,000$500.802021-02-04
933300Cordillera The SummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood758 Graham Road455,4932018-08-27$1,649,000$1,679,000$305.662021-02-08
1000374Cordillera The SummitCordillera F26 - Settlers Park663 Settlers Loop664,5622020-07-02$2,212,000$2,060,000$451.562021-02-09
937248Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F3118 Wilmor Drive485,2482020-02-06$3,899,000$3,600,000$685.982021-02-16
1001494Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F436 Pinnacle565,4902020-10-22$2,900,000$2,855,000$520.042021-02-22
1001654Cordillera The SummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods145 Martingale Lane574,4932020-11-17$1,995,000$1,975,000$439.572021-03-01
1001541Cordillera The RanchBentgrass At Cordillera66 Bermuda Drive454,2322020-10-28$1,790,000$1,725,000$407.612021-03-04
1002169Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge340 Cordillera Way454,1692021-02-13$1,775,000$1,675,000$401.782021-03-17
1000821Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge630 Cordillera Way587,3732020-08-13$2,650,000$2,650,000$359.422021-03-24
1002149Cordillera The RanchCordillera F18 - Aspens832 Forest Trail786,3392021-02-10$4,000,000$4,000,000$631.012021-03-25
1002164Cordillera The RanchCordillera F17 - Red Draw 2 Hld Aspens138 Peregrine Drive565,2882021-02-12$2,800,000$2,675,000$505.862021-04-01
1001212Cordillera The DivideCordillera F32 - El Mirador44 El Mirador Road455,4392020-09-18$2,100,000$2,100,000$386.102021-04-07
1001983Cordillera The SummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood73 The Summit Trail786,6972021-01-14$3,195,000$3,115,000$465.132021-04-08
1002124Cordillera The DivideCordillera F16 - Kensington Green446 Kensington Drive343,4402021-02-05$1,395,000$1,300,000$377.912021-04-15
1002526Cordillera The DivideCordillera F16 - Kensington Green517 Kensington Drive453,9182021-03-30$1,500,000$1,500,000$382.852021-04-15
1002667Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F31225 Beard Creek Trail565,9652021-04-16$4,300,000$4,300,000$720.872021-04-16
1001358Cordillera The SummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods113 Kimberwick Way576,1692020-10-08$3,250,000$3,285,000$532.502021-04-20
1002366Cordillera The RanchCordillera F30 - Grey Hawk161 Grey Hawk564,9902021-03-13$2,500,000$2,395,000$479.962021-04-23
1002324Cordillera The RanchCordillera F10 - Red Draw 1 Red Tail Rid375 Red Draw453,3312021-03-10$1,895,000$1,750,000$525.372021-05-03
1002216Cordillera The RanchCordillera F24 - Elk Rdg-bearden Mdws75 and 33 Bear Cat Point576,7822021-02-22$3,995,000$3,755,000$553.672021-05-05
1000983Cordillera The SummitCordillera Sub Fil 34722 Granite Springs Trail454,3712020-08-27$2,800,000$2,600,000$594.832021-05-06
1001715Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge810 Cordillera Way444,7312020-12-01$2,650,000$2,600,000$549.572021-05-11
1002542Cordillera The DivideCordillera F3 - Divide Glen805 Andorra Road463,8112021-04-01$1,950,000$2,100,000$551.042021-05-12
1002342Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge5 Casteel Ridge687,5412021-03-11$4,950,000$4,760,000$631.222021-05-19
1002166Cordillera The SummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood117 Norgaard Way444,5592021-02-12$2,395,000$2,200,000$482.562021-05-20
1002092Cordillera The SummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods29 Martingale Lane564,8992021-02-01$2,595,000$2,645,000$539.912021-05-27
1002209Cordillera The SummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood51 Case Court454,2652021-02-22$3,395,000$3,300,000$773.742021-05-27
1002555Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge240 Casteel Ridge565,6582021-04-03$3,500,000$3,400,000$600.922021-05-28
1003009Cordillera The DivideCordillera F16 - Kensington Green264 Eagles Glen Road454,1242021-03-22$1,695,000$1,625,000$394.032021-06-01
1002207Cordillera The DivideCordillera F32 - El Mirador149 El Mirador Road798,9622021-02-19$4,575,000$4,400,000$490.962021-06-07
1001265Cordillera The SummitCordillera F26 - Settlers Park3359 Fenno Drive578,1272020-09-25$4,150,000$3,925,000$482.962021-06-15
1002055Cordillera The SummitCordillera F34 - Sum Jacksons Pt G Dust59 & 35 Jacksons585,3812021-01-27$3,725,000$3,725,000$692.252021-06-15
1002286Cordillera The DivideCordillera F4 - Mirador Ridge205 Granada Hill465,2072021-03-05$2,925,000$2,742,500$526.732021-06-30
1002147Cordillera The SummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood54 Penny Lane587,5002021-02-10$3,800,000$3,780,000$504.002021-07-08
1002958Cordillera The RanchCordillera F24 - Elk Rdg-bearden Mdws189 Elk Woods Road686,6542021-05-29$4,295,000$4,295,000$645.482021-07-09
1003005Cordillera The RanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways123 Timber Trail454,3532021-06-04$1,825,000$2,000,000$459.452021-07-15
1001484Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 1 Legends Drive454,1882020-10-21$3,795,000$3,795,000$906.162021-08-06
1001485Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 2 Legends Drive454,1882020-10-21$3,795,000$3,795,000$906.162021-08-06
1001486Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 3 Legends Drive453,0402020-10-21$3,125,000$3,125,000$1,027.962021-08-06
1001487Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 4 Legends Drive453,0402020-10-21$2,995,000$2,995,000$985.202021-08-06
1001488Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 7 Legends Drive454,1882020-10-21$3,795,000$3,795,000$906.162021-08-06
1001489Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 8 Legends Drive454,1882020-10-21$3,935,000$3,935,000$939.592021-08-06
1001490Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 9 Legends Drive454,1882020-10-21$3,795,000$3,795,000$906.162021-08-06
1003192Cordillera The DivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge950 Cordillera Way344,8472021-06-28$2,695,000$2,695,000$556.012021-08-06
937668Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr269 Legacy Trail454,2792020-03-23$3,800,000$3,800,000$888.062021-08-09
1003574Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F21458 Beard Creek Trail575,6962021-08-15$5,295,000$5,078,000$891.502021-08-10
1002831Cordillera The RanchCordillera F9 - Whittaker Ponds & Pines2708 Fenno Drive443,8252021-05-12$1,695,000$1,650,000$431.372021-08-12
1003579Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr392 Legacy Trail565,4542021-08-16$3,797,500$3,797,500$696.282021-08-13
1003193Cordillera The RanchCordillera - Bearcat20 Sundance Lane565,1272021-06-28$2,195,000$2,300,000$448.612021-08-16
1002661Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 6 Legends Drive453,0402021-04-16$3,125,000$3,135,000$1,031.252021-08-19
1002662Cordillera Valley ClubCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy TrLot 5 Legends Drive453,0402021-04-16$3,175,000$3,175,000$1,044.412021-08-19
1001744Cordillera The DivideCordillera F3 - Divide Glen285 Little Andorra Road587,3562020-12-06$4,395,000$4,395,000$597.472021-08-31