“I am so happy to have sold my home in less than 45 days start to finish! Malia facilitated a premarket review of the home and made recommendations for staging and listing strategy to maximize outcome and minimize the time on market.

Her Assistants, Alex and Ilse, prepared and toured properties with me to better understand the current market, and what the competing properties had to offer at different price points. Malia helped me with both the HOA and the Property Manager to ensure a smooth closing.

Her team created great digital content (photography, videography and matterport) that I think helped sell the house fast!

Malia or her assistants, Alex or Ilse, personally attended all showings to buyers, previews and vendors. She wisely, made sure to continue to show the property, even though under contract, in order to make sure to have backup buyers in the event they were necessary.

She is a consummate professional and I was so happy with the outcome.”

David W., Vail, Colorado

“Malia was nothing less than a Godsend at a time I really needed her. I had to sell my property for reasons I don't want to get into. Long story short, I left Colorado before the house was properly prepared to go to market. When I met with Malia, she came in and gave me candid advice which was a bit tough to hear because I didn’t have the time or money to do what she was recommending. She was persistent yet polite in her efforts to convince me that the preparation would be an enormous benefit to me. As I listened to her, she actually changed my beliefs as to how to sell a home in this valley. Ultimately, I realized Malia knows the market here and she knows what it takes to get a property sold. While I was reluctant to spend the money that Malia told me to spend to make this transaction happen, the amount I invested was far worth it in the end. I'm forever grateful that she was persistent in her advice. Malia is very authentic and unlike so many realtors I've dealt with in the past, I knew I was actually aligned with someone exceptionally skilled in this field. Malia persuaded me to let her hire a stager and she personally saw this staging process through from start to finish. This was something I'd never done before and it actually made a huge difference! The overall feel of the home was undeniably transformed for the better. After the home was prepared, Malia and her team were marketing mavens, bringing tons of showings. At each one, either Malia or one of her two personal assistants were always present. In one instance, Malia negotiated masterfully with a buyer that initially came in with a true low ball offer. Contrary to my own thought process, Malia was positive about the offer and coaxed me to respond strategically, without getting me discouraged or upset. Yes, she actually changed my thinking as she explained her philosophy. If you're fortunate enough to become her client, please be open minded to Malia's advice as it's only to your benefit! In sum, we eventually got that terrible starting offer to a full price contract with that buyer! And all this came after having a full price offer pending, which didn't materialize. Over the course of the seven months that we worked together, what I found most amazing about Malia is that she always strived to have a backup offer waiting in the wings. Amazing! Malia knew things were challenging for me to handle from afar and so she and her team met tons of vendors and obtained various bids for the inspection process; this included overseeing various repair work deemed needed in order to keep the buyer committed. I am forever grateful that she was here to help me at a very challenging time in my life. I cannot imagine anyone doing more to have sold my home. It's not hard to believe that Malia has sold over 100 million dollars in real estate this year but even being a small fish in her big pond, she was relentless in getting my home (a two million dollar listing) sold! I can't thank you enough Malia, Alex and Ilse! - Steven 2020 sale in Cordillera”

Steven J., Edwards, Colorado

“From our first conversation with Malia we knew that we had found the perfect agent for our search. Malia's extensive knowledge of the area enabled us to look at many great properties in a few days and identify the perfect place for us. She guided us through every step of the process, made great recommendations, stood in for us when we couldn't be there since we are out-of-state and even helped us solve some issues post-closing with the seller. To icing on the cake is that we so enjoyed the time we spent with her searching homes and finalizing the process.”

Valerie A., Edwards, Colorado