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Malia is a rare professional willing to go the proverbial extra mile to meet the needs of her clients.

My wife and I have been coming to the Vail Valley for the past 15 years for both winter and summer family vacations. We finally decided it was time to purchase our own home during the summer of 2015 and we were introduced to Malia Nobrega through a mutual friend. Finding the right real estate professional was very important to us and we were looking for someone who had a complete knowledge of the Vail Valley and who would work to find the right home for us not just complete a transaction. Furthermore, as a 2nd home and living in Chicago, the ability to engage in the real estate process was very concerning to us so we were looking for someone we could completely trust. What we found in Malia was so much more than what we expected in a real estate professional. From the very beginning she took the time to get to know us as people which enabled her to know not just our price range or property type but to have complete insight into what we were looking for in a property. So when she saw a property go on market on a Saturday morning and called us immediately in Illinois to say she was certain she found the right property for us we had complete trust she was right. Furthermore, she had already reviewed the property, taken pictures of the property, provided video footage of the property, and had outlined a plan to submit an offer on the property all the while showing genuine excitement about finding a property that fit us perfectly. And because of our trust in her, we were able to quickly react and meet the needs of the seller. By Saturday evening we had a offer out to the sellers built on Malia’s professional insight and heroically completed on her drive back and forth to Denver for a Bronco’s game. If I was asked to describe Malia in words it would be hard working, thorough, knowledgeable, accessible, personable, caring, trustworthy, but most of all committed to finding the right property for her clients. It also did not end at the contract signing. She was there through the whole process referring me to legal counsel, insurance providers, inspectors, and financing providers. Each proved to be exceptional referrals making the entire process smooth. And when I needed someone to do my final walk through she was willing to do that for me as well as taking the time to measure rooms for furniture. In the world of residential real estate, Malia is a rare professional willing to go the proverbial extra mile to meet the needs of her clients.

, President, Middle Market Commercial Banking -Chicago

Connections and expertise

I could not believe I stumbled upon a realtor with this combination of connections and expertise.

, Brazilian client who purchased a luxury residence in April of 2014

Malia pulled off a small miracle!

Malia took on a very complicated real estate transaction and was able to pull off a small miracle!  Some deals require someone that works at a higher dedicated level which Malia provides.  I highly recommend Malia for real estate business requirements. She is intelligent, personable, and has a high level of integrity.

, Vail, Colorado

Malia was fantastic!

Malia was fantastic throughout the process. As a native of the area she was extremely helpful in all aspects from our first phone call to closing. She took the time to understand my needs and help me focus on the right properties and maximize my visits to the area. She played my interests to ultimately help me find a great home in Vail, but also aid in all the issues that come with any process doing anything needed locally as I was remote. I highly recommend Malia without hesitation. You would be in great hands.  End testimonial regarding Malia Cox Nobrega, luxury real estate broker in the Vail Valley, Colorado.



, CEO of FolioDynamix

Malia Is Very Professional and Knowledgeable

Malia is very professional, she is knowledgeable in every aspect of the sale. No details were overlooked thru the entire process. She made many honest recommendations throughout the sales process to keep us informed on market value. The most important detail is she worked for us thru every step of the process thru closing no rocks un-turned.

, Mountain Star

I Highly Recommend Malia

We are currently working with Malia Nobrega to buy our next home. Malia had come highly recommended to us by a friend who had worked with her in the past. Malia has an extensive and intimate knowledge of the HOAs in the Vail Valley because she has her own property management company. This was particularly helpful because as we reviewed each potential home, Malia already knew how we could potentially change the exterior of the home to better suit our needs. For example; adding fences and tree removal at one home we liked and leveling out a slight slope to create better play space at another. She also has a legal background which was really helpful as she was able to help us put together an offer (on a home we liked) within the unique buying/selling contingencies we are currently facing. We didn’t know if Malia would even work with us as potential clients as she typically works with clients buying and selling higher end/luxury homes. We need not have worried; Malia was as responsive to us as any of her other clients buying and selling bigger and more expensive homes. On several occasions we called her after driving by potential homes and liking their curb appeal she was quick to offer us tours of them…. right then and there. “I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes” was always her response. We also found that Malia really listened to what it was we were looking for and was quick to find us a number of potential homes that we could really envisage living in for the next 30 years. She has an excellent creative eye and always had excellent suggestions as to how to enhance certain features within homes to 1. better suit our needs and 2. easily add value to the home. We have put our search for a new home on hold for the winter and will revisit this in the spring and will continue to work with Malia at that time. Even after we had told her we had decided to put our search on hold until the spring Malia was happy to show us further homes we liked the look of to help us explore/research/better understand the market. We never felt like we were wasting Malia’s time. She definitely encouraged us to ‘get a feel for what is out there.

, Edwards, Colorado

A True Expert

I could not believe I stumbled upon a Realtor with this combination of connections and expertise.

, Vail Valley, Colorado