About Malia

Malia took Vail and Beaver Creek luxury real estate by storm, quickly being recognized for her infectious passion, intelligence and candor.  Her tech savvy approach launched her to the top of luxury real estate culminating in her being named “Who’s Who” in Luxury Real Estate Outstanding Rookie in 2015.  Now five years later, Malia is the 3rd producing real estate agent in the Vail Valley out of nearly 700 realtors.  Acknowledged as being in the top .1% in all of Colorado real estate agents (based upon sales volume, REAL Trends’ America’s Best Real Estate Agents, 2019), Malia was recently given an award by LuxuryRealEstate.com for her significant sale, achieving the highest sales price of all time for a residence in Edwards, Colorado (2019).   With approximately 100 million in sales thus far in 2020 (including sold and pending sales), Malia continues to be at the forefront of luxury real estate in the Vail Valley. 

Having grown up in Vail at a time that was unusual, Malia brings a uniquely local Vail Valley experience to her clientele.  Every new homeowner deserves that local connection that gives them a window into the most trusted local vendors and the area’s hidden treasures. Malia remained in Colorado and earned a Business degree with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  She went on to the University of Denver College of Law and graduated at the top of her law school class - 6th out of 254 students.  Although Malia still retains her law license to practice law in Colorado, Malia shifted from litigation to real estate when she and her husband took over her family property management company in 2004.  After 10 years, Malia and her husband Jay, sold (what was one of the largest property management companies in the area) in order for Malia to pursue her desired career in luxury real estate and for Jay to more fully focus on construction general contracting and development.

Malia is driven by a passion and ability to orchestrate an ideal set of circumstances for each and every client that she represents.  She cultivates each listing by accomplishing what is needed to maximize positive outcomes for her clients (financially or otherwise).  She analyzes property through the buyer’s lens as it relates to location, design, quality of construction and materials, and how those translate to value, in order to maximize appeal to the widest audience of buyers.  Although it may take a tremendous amount of her time to help prepare a residence for sale, and only result in a nominal increase in her commission dollars, Malia recognizes that what is a small increase for her, is a substantial amount of money for her client and she is always seeks to achieve the highest and best outcome for her clients.  

Known as one of the most tech savvy and highly acclaimed realtors in the Vail Valley, Malia leverages the latest advances in marketing and visual media.  She delivers each listing's story to the widest targeted audience possible, both locally and internationally, to connect her properties to the right buyers at the right time with the right story being told. 

Malia has great instincts and is uniquely suited to analyze data related to the market which provides her clients with easy-to-digest information to make intelligent decisions quickly.  Malia enjoys the diversity of working with an individual buyer or seller as well as working with repeat investors.  Any person that becomes a client gets her full attention no matter what the price point.  Some of her best referring clients are the clients that thought their home was not expensive enough for Malia to represent the sale and were thrilled at the attention to detail they received.

Speculation investors can expect an unusually detailed and interactive approach to the analysis and presentation of data to instill confidence in direction.  Malia is highly personally involved in these developments through collaboration on design, construction and ultimately the successful sale, to help ensure that funds expended are directed to their highest and best use as they relate to return on the investment.  

Leveraging the ultimate brand in luxury real estate, Sotheby’s International Realty, and the best luxury brokerage in the State of Colorado, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, Malia is driven by a desire to negotiate and bring each end of every transaction to a smooth close.  She lives by the motto that there is always more to learn, never be complacent and there is always a next level.  Malia is driven by a passion to deliver exceptional results to her clients.  

Malia focuses on the following areas:  All of Vail (East Vail, West Vail, Sandstone, Vail Golf Course, Vail Village, Lionshead, Cascade Area), All of Edwards (Arrowhead, Lake Creek, Singletree, Homestead, Cordillera Ranch, Cordillera Divide, Timber Springs, Red Canyon Estates, Cordillera Valley Club, Cordillera Summit) and All of Avon (Wildridge and Mountain Star, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Wolcott).

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Client Testimonials

Incredibly dedicated, intelligent, honest and she has great instincts

Highly likely to recommend

“Malia is amazing! I have bought, developed and sold a ton of real estate in my life and I now use Malia exclusively in the Vail Valley. She will give you the focus you deserve and is incredibly dedicated, intelligent, honest and she has great instincts. She will absolutely make the transaction as smooth as it could be. If you are looking to sell a home, she will analyze it and make suggestions on your home to ensure that you get the highest market price. For goodness sake just make sure you listen to her! If you are looking for a home she will spend countless hours finding exactly what you are looking for. She understands the Vail market like no one else. Malia is the only realtor I know that actually grew up in Vail and understands all the crazy nuances of the market such as building codes and what you can and can’t do with existing properties. The rules in Vail far exceed any other market and she knows them. Malia has a legal background that she falls back on that ability in her transactions. She knows to document and verify everything and how to be careful with the words used. She is truly a visionary who surrounds herself with extraordinary talent and knows all the players in the Vail real estate industry. She has an engaging personality with an attention to detail and she will work harder than anyone you have ever met. Malia will make you feel like you are her most important client even though she will more than likely have millions of dollars in transactions going at the same time. Thank you Malia for being an exceptional realtor for us!”

Malia is one of the best I’ve had the privilege to work with

Highly likely to recommend

“I’m a majority shareholder in a mortgage banking company and have had the opportunity to work with thousands of amazing real estate agents in my lifetime. Malia is one of the best I’ve had the privilege to work with. She made my wife and I feel like we were buying an 18.5 million dollar property (as we know she just sold one of those recently). We have no doubt that no matter what the price point, we would always get the same treatment from her.

As it happens, we stumbled upon Malia because we had interest in one of her new listings. We quickly realized we were in a competitive situation and that the property was going to sell quickly. After speaking with Malia, we gained confidence that she was a very savvy agent and asked if she would represent us on the purchase. She outlined her role as a Seller’s Agent and explained that her status would change to a transaction broker if she also worked as our agent. She explained that there are pros and cons for both the Seller and the Buyer to use a transaction broker in these circumstances. She went over it with us and explained that we could choose to work with another broker as a buyers agent.

We were concerned about the timing and had faith that she was very honest about how things would work and that we should move forward with her working on both sides (listing agent and our agent). Thank goodness we did as we have no doubt that her instincts and intelligence helped us win out on a listing that was very competitive. She helped us craft the offer to appeal to the seller and we even won out with a much lower offer price than other offers that came in due to the tips she gave us on crafting the remainder of the offer terms as competitively as possible. For example, we ditched the appraisal contingency as Malia noted that the property was going to struggle to appraise and explained why. The other offer had various tough additional provisions and an appraisal so we won out with a much lower purchase price than the other offer.

After we were under contract Malia helped us navigate the sales process and provided us with a recommendation for a great home inspector. She also provided us with excellent vendor resources and helped us get bids for things we wanted to accomplish as soon as we closed. Malia seems to know everyone as she has grew up in the Vail Valley. In a resort mountain town it can be very challenging to get good vendors quickly. This is not something we could have accomplished on our own but she has the influence that made it happen. Malia has great instincts and is very intelligent and hard working. She was amazing and we cannot thank her enough for helping make our dream Vail property a reality. We will refer her to anyone and everyone we can over the coming years.

Thank you, Malia!!”

Malia and her team put in long hours making sure our sale went through and we are very grateful

Highly likely to recommend

“We left the valley and trusted selling our house to Malia. We had several serious problems that appeared in our house after we left town. Malia did a great job of handling those problems in our absence and got us above asking price for our house. Malia and her team put in long hours making sure our sale went through and we are very grateful.”

Sharp technical skills, an impressive work ethic, insightful industry knowledge

Highly likely to recommend

“Malia Nobrega is an amazing professional realtor who not only has sharp technical skills, an impressive work ethic, insightful industry knowledge but also the heart of an angel. Malia works hard for her clients, putting them first with the upmost sincerity and no nonsense guidance. Her knowledge of the market, understanding what buyers want translates into fast sales. She thoroughly walks her clients through the competition, positions her listings with the best marketing and knows how to create stunning staging opportunities that showcase a properties value. Malia is professional, personable, on point and a big producer! I have entrusted Malia with the sale of my property and the purchase of my home and I couldn't be happier with her results. She is and will always be my Real Estate Broker”

Malia and her team are the consummate professionals

Highly likely to recommend

“We listed our home at the Cordillera Summit with Malia after it had been on the market through another agent for over 15 months. Malia "rebranded" our home at the same listing price with all new photography and websites, did a major marketing campaign, locally and nationally/internationally, and brought us a solid contract within a month! She is a straight shooter, honest, and extremely hard working, and her background in law was an added bonus. Malia and her team are the consummate professionals and have extensive expertise in the Vail Valley, are pleasant and easy to work with, and they advise their clients well. We would certainly use them again and highly recommend them.”

Outstanding in every possible way

Highly likely to recommend

“Without a doubt, Malia is one of the finest RE agents in the Vail Valley. We chose her to help sell our Vail property and she was outstanding in every possible way. She did a thorough analysis of the market and helped price our place so that it would sell very quickly. It basically sold within 24 hours and for full price cash offer. Not sure you could ask for a better outcome. We also spent quite a bit of time evaluating other properties in the Vail area and her knowledge of that market is second to none. Trust me when I say that you couldn't pick a better agent to work with.”


Highly likely to recommend

“I could not believe I stumbled upon a Realtor with this combination of connections and expertise.”


Highly likely to recommend

“We are currently working with Malia Nobrega to buy our next home. Malia had come highly recommended to us by a friend who had worked with her in the past. Malia has an extensive and intimate knowledge of the HOAs in the Vail Valley because she has her own property management company. This was particularly helpful because as we reviewed each potential home, Malia already knew how we could potentially change the exterior of the home to better suit our needs. For example; adding fences and tree removal at one home we liked and leveling out a slight slope to create better play space at another. She also has a legal background which was really helpful as she was able to help us put together an offer (on a home we liked) within the unique buying/selling contingencies we are currently facing. We didn’t know if Malia would even work with us as potential clients as she typically works with clients buying and selling higher end/luxury homes. We need not have worried; Malia was as responsive to us as any of her other clients buying and selling bigger and more expensive homes. On several occasions we called her after driving by potential homes and liking their curb appeal she was quick to offer us tours of them…. right then and there. “I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes” was always her response. We also found that Malia really listened to what it was we were looking for and was quick to find us a number of potential homes that we could really envisage living in for the next 30 years. She has an excellent creative eye and always had excellent suggestions as to how to enhance certain features within homes to 1. better suit our needs and 2. easily add value to the home. We have put our search for a new home on hold for the winter and will revisit this in the spring and will continue to work with Malia at that time. Even after we had told her we had decided to put our search on hold until the spring Malia was happy to show us further homes we liked the look of to help us explore/research/better understand the market. We never felt like we were wasting Malia’s time. She definitely encouraged us to ‘get a feel for what is out there.”


Highly likely to recommend

“Malia is very professional, she is knowledgeable in every aspect of the sale. No details were overlooked thru the entire process. She made many honest recommendations throughout the sales process to keep us informed on market value. The most important detail is she worked for us thru every step of the process thru closing no rocks un-turned.”


Highly likely to recommend

“Malia was fantastic throughout the process. As a native of the area she was extremely helpful in all aspects from our first phone call to closing. She took the time to understand my needs and help me focus on the right properties and maximize my visits to the area. She played my interests to ultimately help me find a great home in Vail, but also aid in all the issues that come with any process doing anything needed locally as I was remote. I highly recommend Malia without hesitation. You would be in great hands. End testimonial regarding Malia Cox Nobrega, luxury real estate broker in the Vail Valley, Colorado.”