What is a global real estate advisor?

A residential global real estate advisor often is a luxury real estate broker that also specializes in helping their clients find real estate professionals around the world.

In particular, a talented global real estate broker should be exceptional in the business themselves so that they can easily identify like-minded real estate professionals. that are talented, honest, hard working and well connected in their area. When you know what it takes to do a phenomenal job it is easy to spot professionals in other areas that also have these abilities.

Additionally, national and international networking is important component of real estate professionals that are global real estate advisors. If you are looking for a talented real estate broker to help you buy or sell real estate anywhere in the world, I can help you locate the perfect fit for your particular situation. There is never any obligation to use a referred agent or broker, we merely give you an educated option to interview and then let you make the ultimate decision.

Considering buying or selling anywhere in the world? Contact me for some free educated advice.

- Malia Cox Nobrega, Global Real Estate Advisor