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Cordillera Active Listings Updated on June 18, 2020

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AreaSubdivisionAddressBedroomsTotal BathsSquare FootageListing Price
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways675 Saddle Ridge Road578,106$4,895,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera Sub Fil 36133 Sage Grouse699,236$3,995,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood54 Penny Lane577,626$3,499,990
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F1119 Juniper Ridge Road565,465$3,450,000
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr84 Legacy566,143$3,265,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F26 - Settlers Park79 Hawley Court577,139$3,200,000
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr269 Legacy Trail454,279$3,100,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F35 - Webb Peak174 Webb Peak577,919$2,999,000
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr291 Legacy Trail464,764$2,999,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge630 Cordillera Way587,373$2,899,000
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr372 Legacy Trail564,922$2,850,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F17 - Red Draw 2 Hld Aspens52 Peregrine Drive456,120$2,800,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F6 - Founders Preserve2 Stag Gulch Court586,997$2,675,000
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F21310 Beard Creek555,520$2,645,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge160 Casteel Ridge686,264$2,625,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F29 - Perouges78 Rue Du Prince344,376$2,500,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods133 Kimberwick576,094$2,499,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera Sub Fil 361232 The Summit Trail576,121$2,495,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F24 - Elk Rdg-bearden Mdws105 Bear Cat Point687,130$2,395,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F18 - Aspens393 Forest Trail576,603$2,395,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera Sub Fil 34342 Gore Trail466,102$2,395,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge100 Casteel Ridge555,245$2,350,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways2404 Fenno Drive566,480$2,250,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F7 - Elk Spring45 Elk Spring Court555,614$2,145,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera Sub Fil 37114 Martingale Lane575,547$2,095,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood181 Summit Trail566,261$2,095,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F10 - Red Draw 1 Red Tail Rid295 Redtail Ridge576,251$2,050,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F28 - Cimarron67 Cimarron Trail554,695$1,995,000
CordilleraTheRanchBentgrass At Cordillera56 Fairway Lane563,928$1,970,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F28 - Cimarron158 Cimarron454,745$1,890,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F6 - Founders Preserve42 Stag Gulch Court465,180$1,889,000
CordilleraTheRanchBentgrass At Cordillera169 Bermuda Drive455,621$1,825,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F24 - Elk Rdg-bearden Mdws297 Aspen Meadows Road565,457$1,795,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F18 - Aspens732 Forest Trail566,546$1,750,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F3 - Alcazar210 Alcazar Drive585,435$1,699,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge1555 Cordillera Way564,491$1,690,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera Sub Fil 37133 Martingale Lane464,879$1,650,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F11 - Red Draw Meadows1223 Red Draw564,521$1,650,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F27 - Settlers Wood758 Graham Road455,493$1,649,000
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods29 Martingale Lane564,899$1,595,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F1 & 2 - Divide Lodge910 Cordillera Way444,811$1,495,000
CordilleraTheRanchBentgrass At Cordillera17 Bluegrass Court454,048$1,495,000
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F10 - Red Draw 1 Red Tail Rid292 Red Draw454,388$1,395,000
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera - Les Pyrenees Th2035 Cordillera Way343,232$985,000

Cordillera Year-To-Date Sold Listings (Last Updated on June 18, 2020)

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AreaSubdivisionAddressBedroomsTotal BathsSquare FootageSold PriceSold Date
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways122 Timber Draw566,738$2,100,0004/1/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F24 - Elk Rdg-bearden Mdws78 Aspen Meadows Road599,307$2,600,0005/26/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F30 - Grey Hawk79 Grey Hawk Lane565,121$1,725,0001/10/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F15 - Club Cottages178 Club Cottage Drive563,146$1,100,0002/6/2020
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F41800 Beard Creek687,452$3,475,0001/8/2020
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F32 - El Mirador336 El Mirador6108,038$2,965,0003/17/2020
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F3 - Divide Glen298 Granada Hill475,046$1,560,0003/12/2020
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F21519 Beard Creek Trail465,263$3,475,0006/16/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways82 Timber Draw465,682$1,900,0001/15/2020
Cordillera Valley ClCordillera Valley Club F9 - Legacy Tr306 Legacy Trail676,223$3,300,0002/5/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera F8 - Ridge Timbers Fairways541 Saddle Ridge Road566,520$3,800,0001/13/2020
CordilleraTheRanchBentgrass At Cordillera29 Penncross Lane353,768$1,150,0003/20/2020
CordilleraTheSummitCordillera F37-summit Greens/Woods69 Martingale Lane685,506$1,856,0002/4/2020
CordilleraTheRanchCordillera - Bearcat277 Saddle Ridge Loop444,368$1,435,0001/30/2020
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F16 - Kensington Green497 Kensington Drive464,286$1,190,0004/17/2020
CordilleraTheDivideCordillera F16 - Kensington Green617 Kensington Drive452,746$1,220,0002/18/2020